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Are you looking for an affordable buffet-lunch service?

buffet-lunch-sitar Then look no further because we are here to serve you. Every day, the luncheon buffet at Sitar Indian Cuisine brings in a crowd of Indian food enthusiasts from around Birmingham, Al. Our buffet-lunch includes both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes classified and arranged in a proper sequence, from appetizers to desserts. Our extensive all-you- can-eat buffet features two specialty rice entrées, Indian bread(naan), 5-6 vegetarian dishes and 3-4 non-vegetarian dishes with accompaniments.

We offer our guests the most bang for their bucks. You can try as much or as little of each item you want. Eat until your heart feels content. If you ever find it confusing where to start with, our attentive and generous staffs are always at your service. So, what could you await more than to have a contented appetite with a full range of all-you-can- eat food simply for the cost of $8.99!

Go ahead Serve yourselves of your choice.

À La Carte

Sitar Indian Restaurant in Brmingham serves à -la-carte dining from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm throughout the weekdays. À La Carte dinner does provide you with an opportunity to try our individual menu items. We offer a range of toothsome North-Indian dishes to choose from. With so many great items on the menu, it may be impossible for you to choose just one thing to have. Here at Sitar, dinners are individually prepared, cooked to perfection to satisfy the most discriminating palates. Our menu includes mild to hot options. If you aren’t sure whether to start with the hot or mild menu, try out mild option first because the hot menu could be really hot.

You can make an online reservation or call us at (205) 323-6500. We are open 7 days a week.

Are you oraganizing an event?


There’s no doubt that food makes the event. Besides a fine dining inside restaurant, Sitar Indian Restaurant in Birmingham also caters indoor events. We cater all events from small birthday parties to wedding parties and corporate gatherings. Be it a wedding party, birthday party or any other auspicious events, our extensive menus are designed to suit all occasions.

Enjoy your celebrations while we take care of your food. We vow to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to serve you with delectable authentic Indian taste.

You may like to send us a get a Quote form or call us directly at (205) 323-6500 to request a free quote.

Your location and our food, wouldn’t it make a great combination?


Besides a fine dining inside restaurant, Sitar has a many years of experience in providing indoor and outdoor catering services for private and corporate events and gatherings. Every one of us dreams about hosting an event at a good location with an appropriate ambiance and extraordinary food. What stands out Sitar’s catering services in Birmingham,Al is the extensive menu tailored to meet your expectations-yes! The quality, taste and your budget.

Remember us for all kinds of events. We cater birthday parties, homecoming, baby showers, home warming, weddings, graduation parties and all kinds of private and corporate events and functions. Allow us to serve your guests and we promise that they shall take away an appetizing memory of toothsome Indian taste served with love.

Take a moment to complete the get a Quote request form, so that we may tailor your event.

Having an appetite for an Indian for a lazy day?

birthday-parties Sometimes all you want to do is lie around at home and shovel food into your mouth from a Styrofoam container. One thing for sure, when you are on vacation you don’t want to worry about preparing meals. You might even feel lazy to such an extent that you wouldn’t even bother to dress up to dine in a nearby restaurant. Well, you don’t necessarily have to dine in a restaurant to enjoy the authentic Indian taste.

Sitar Indian Cuisines offers takeout services, permitting you to share and enjoy scrumptious Indian flavors without having to worry about going to an Indian. Check out our extensive menu to choose from. Call us at (205) 323-6500 to order your take out. Your takeout shall be ready within 15 minutes.

The best part about walking with Sitar Take Away is walking back out, food in hand, to stroll down the street while the lingering smells have people turning their heads.

We also take online orders. Click here to order your take-out online.